Arts and Culture in Paris during the COP21

Alongside the 21st UN Climate Conference, COP21, in Paris, several programs involving the arts and culture are going on now. See for example (not an exhaustive list): ARTCOP21: a program of events, artistic interventions, conferences, etc. See As part of ARTCOP21, will also take place a “Professional Workshop” with 150 invited participants from the… Continue reading Arts and Culture in Paris during the COP21

This Week: Live Streams from Conference on Cultural Sustainability

This week, live streams will be available from the Conference Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures – theories, policies, practices. This big conference on Cultural Sustainability  will take place from 6-8 of May, 2015 in Helsinki (cf. related posts on our homepage). To watch the streams, go to For the program of the streamed plenary sessions,… Continue reading This Week: Live Streams from Conference on Cultural Sustainability

Call for proposals: RE-DO

RE-DO. Conference on Sustainability and Culture’s role in Sustainable Futures October 28-31, 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark. At MOMU (Moesgaard Museum – a splendid new museum in the middle of the woods around Aarhus). RE-DO is the second of a series of conferences organised by Aarhus University in cooperation with Aarhus 2017 (Aarhus Capital of Culture in 2017). The… Continue reading Call for proposals: RE-DO

WATERWASH and the Zen Art of Sustainability

Workshop with the New York artist Lillian Ball (in English) March 1st 2015, from 2:30pm to around 6pm Künstlerhaus Hannover, Maestrosaal, Sophienstraße 2, 30159 Hanover (Germany) Participation is free of charge but only by pre-registration (limited to 26 persons) at  janika.millan@hannover– Organized by the Department of Cultural Organization at the Leuphana University Lueneburg, in collaboration… Continue reading WATERWASH and the Zen Art of Sustainability

Biophilia – Biology for Artists

Call for applications. Deadline March 3rd. Biolophilia is the urge to affiliate with other living forces. The term literally means the love of life or living systems. Biophilia is a residency for Canadian and international artists interested in ecology, nature and life sciences to study, research and experience themes of interacting with the living natural… Continue reading Biophilia – Biology for Artists

“Ghosts of the Gulf” by Brandon Ballengée

Currently on view at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries is an exhibition by artist/biologist Brandon Ballengée, co-organized by Amy Lipton of ecoartspace. The exhibition titled Ghosts of the Gulf includes several stark and brilliantly colorful images of marine species collected in the Gulf of Mexico directly following the deadly 2010 Deep Water Horizons (DWH) oil spill disaster. Ballengée’s artistic… Continue reading “Ghosts of the Gulf” by Brandon Ballengée

“I have a Dream” at Vancouver Biennale 2014-16

Shweta Bhattad, a visual Artist from India, has been invited for Vancouver Biennale 2014-2016. The broader theme of this Biennale is Martin Luther’s King’s speech “I have a dream”. For this Biennale programme, she decided to stay and work in rural Canada, as she isworking with rural women and farmers in India too and want to… Continue reading “I have a Dream” at Vancouver Biennale 2014-16

Navjot Altaf at Kochi Muziris Biennale 2014/15

Navjot Altaf is known for her sustained engagement with interactive / collaborative art practices. Since 1997 she has also been working in collaboration with indigenous artists and community members of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, Central India on Nalpar (hand pump sites) and Pilla Gudi/Temples for children projects that seek to situate artistic production within the fabric of community life. An early encounter… Continue reading Navjot Altaf at Kochi Muziris Biennale 2014/15

Dirt? – Call for Entries

Scientists, Book Artists, and Poets Reflect on Soil and Our Environment Exhibition dates:    August 6, 2015 to December 30, 2015 Exhibition venue:  Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington, USA 98416 Entry Deadline: April 29, 2015 THEME – 2015 is the United Nations International Year of the Soil.  Poets and book artists can… Continue reading Dirt? – Call for Entries

Sustainable Build Weeks

Learn techniques to help you create your own sustainable building 9th – 13th February, 2nd – 6th March, 7th – 10th April 2015 In additional to the ongoing construction of our beautiful new Linhay, the Land Based Learning Centre, there are a number of other exciting building projects taking shape or about to get underway… Continue reading Sustainable Build Weeks