reposted from http://ecoartspace.blogspot.ro The recently completed S.O.S. ACTION Guide is ready for download HERE! This is the second in a series of ten Learning Guides produced by ecoartspace including replicable social practice public art works. Since 2009, Tattfoo Tan has developed S.O.S. to include participation in certification programs for composting, pruning, and community engagement, then… Continue reading S.O.S. ACTION Guide

Art and Biodiversity: Sustainable Art?

[Plastik Art & Science] # 4 Ed. Agnès Foiret, online since February 15 2014 : http://art-science.univ-paris1.fr/ The 4th issue of the partly bilingual (French-English) Art & Science Journal [Plastik], published by University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, is out. The five articles available in English are marked in red color below:  Table of Contents : – Art, culture et… Continue reading Art and Biodiversity: Sustainable Art?

Book Publication: Living Pathways: Meditations on sustainable cultures and cosmologies in Asia

Globalisation and technological progress have ushered us into a new era of development. Never before has the promise of the ‘Good Life’ in a hedonistic, consumerist utopia, been within reach for so many. Yet a significant portion of humanity is still unable to meet their basic needs. These trends are unsustainable, and beg the question:… Continue reading Book Publication: Living Pathways: Meditations on sustainable cultures and cosmologies in Asia

Ten meditations inspired by Harri Laakso

June 2013, Otherwise than Knowing, Juha Varto “My colleague Harri Laakso suggested in one of his presentations that we should stop talking about the different types of knowing and admit, or even emphatically argue, that in art we are dealing with something that is “otherwise-than-knowing”. These meditations stem from the frenzied thinking and discussion going on… Continue reading Ten meditations inspired by Harri Laakso

The Green Boat

June 2013 The Green Boat : Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture,  Mary Pipher Mary Pipher, clinical psychologist, is exploring how to conquer our fears about the major environmental issues that confound us and transform them into a positive force in our lives. She emphasizes the importance of taking small, positive steps to preserve what’s important, drawing from… Continue reading The Green Boat

Aesthetics and ethics in Environmental Change

June 2013 Aesth/Ethics in Environmental Change, Hiking through the arts, ecology, religion and ethics of the environment, Sigurd Bergmann, Irmgard Blindow, Konrad Ott (Eds.) ” Can aesthetics and ethics be integrated for the good of habitats, places and spaces? How can arts widen our perception of nature and deepen environmental ethics? Should the political meaning of… Continue reading Aesthetics and ethics in Environmental Change

Walking as Art

March 2013, Walking and Mapping, Artists as cartographers, by Karen O’Rourke Contemporary artists beginning with Guy Debord and Richard Long have returned again and again to the walking motif. Debord and his friends tracked the urban flows of Paris; Long trampled a path in the grass and snapped a picture of the result (A Line… Continue reading Walking as Art

Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopia

Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Ecovillages Published in April 2013 Edited by Joshua Lockyer and James R. Veteto In order to move global society towards a sustainable “ecotopia,” solutions must be engaged in specific places and communities, and the authors here argue for re-orienting environmental anthropology from a problem-oriented towards a solutions-focused endeavor. Using case studies from… Continue reading Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopia

New articles about energy alternatives

The Museum of Fetishes, by Nicholas Hildyard and Larry Lohmann Too often, discussions about energy alternatives resemble a visit to a 1950s world’s fair exhibition displaying exhibits of the wonderful technology of the future. Against one wall stand shiny replicas of new green machines – wind turbines, solar panels, fuel cells, hypercars, supergrids – alongside… Continue reading New articles about energy alternatives

Call For the WEAD Magazine : DIRTY WATER

Extended Deadline : July 8th 2013   WEAD seeks proposals for the upcoming issue of the WEAD magazine from artists working with “dirty water” projects. “Rainwater, stormwater, graywater and blackwater are being treated with increasing frequency as important resources. Designers and artists, together with engineers and agencies, are highlighting the presence of water reuse in… Continue reading Call For the WEAD Magazine : DIRTY WATER