The Arts

The International Network of Cultura21 is engaged in fostering fruitful exchanges between the arts and the change process of sustainability. This platform links art groups, researchers, activists and existing networks working on topics related to the role of the arts for cultures of sustainability.(To read more on Cultura21’s understanding of cultures of sustainability, click here for more information about the concept of Cultura21).

The platform aims to facilitate exchanges and a learning process integrating research, activism and criticism.

The 8 goals of Cultura21 with relationship to the arts are

  1. To identify, explore and discuss the potentials of the arts for cultures of sustainability
  2. To identify the ways in which these potentials can be effectively put into practice
  3. To exercise a constant critical awareness of the pitfalls and issues in the art worlds that are working against cultures of sustainability
  4. To carry out evaluations and to look for best practice, i.e. art projects which are both critically informed and setting up a relevant praxis
  5. To disseminate the insights learned
  6. To design and implement art projects for cultures of sustainability
  7. To contribute to an integration of the arts in education for sustainability
  8. To foster further praxis and research for cultures of sustainability in the worlds of the arts


In pursuit of these goals, the international platform of Cultura21 is carrying out:

  1. The search for relevant organizations and projects, constitution and extension of the network and further identification and publicization of best practice cases.
  2. The encouragement of a conversation to inspire, allow critical reflection and bring complementary perspectives and insights across the activities of its members:
    Visit the contributed texts page on the Webmagazine and on the Wiki as well as on the current website and its forum.
  3. The conception and organization of joint-projects and international events with international partners.