Sustainable Build Weeks

Learn techniques to help you create your own sustainable building 9th – 13th February, 2nd – 6th March, 7th – 10th April 2015 In additional to the ongoing construction of our beautiful new Linhay, the Land Based Learning Centre, there are a number of other exciting building projects taking shape or about to get underway… Continue reading Sustainable Build Weeks

Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopia

Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Ecovillages Published in April 2013 Edited by Joshua Lockyer and James R. Veteto In order to move global society towards a sustainable “ecotopia,” solutions must be engaged in specific places and communities, and the authors here argue for re-orienting environmental anthropology from a problem-oriented towards a solutions-focused endeavor. Using case studies from… Continue reading Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopia

Occupy the Seed

FORTNIGHT OF ACTIONS FOR SEED FREEDOM 2nd – 16th October 2012 The Global Alliance for Seed Freedom is planing a phase of action to raise global public awareness regarding Seed Freedom. Dr. Vandana Shiva, environmental activist and seed defender, spearheading the movement, was interviewed by the International Permaculture Day, speaking of “the importance of seed… Continue reading Occupy the Seed

Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series, On-Line

“NetWorks Productions” is introducing for the first time on-line a series of lectures that are documents of two Permaculture Design Courses taught by Bill Mollison at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, in 1994 and 1995. This series, The Permaculture Show, was aired on public access television in the USA, was sold or given to the various… Continue reading Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series, On-Line

NOW – Permaculture in Europe

11th European Permaculture Convergence, 1-5.8.2012 Gastwerke Kassel, Germany Now! This year the EuPC will focuss on Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share in August. For five days 300 activists and designers gather together to start a dialogue on permacultures. Interdisciplinary workshops, lectures and art will be part of the program and will promote European networking… Continue reading NOW – Permaculture in Europe

Fear Me No More: Performance, Activism and Permaculture

A free workshop with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination Hamburg, Kampnagel – August 2012. Held as part of Kampnagel’s Summer Festival in Hamburg, the workshop is Act 1 of What is Enough? the Labofii’s 16th experiment. At the end of the workshop, participants will have the chance to perform in a live piece of art… Continue reading Fear Me No More: Performance, Activism and Permaculture

Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012

Netherlands (Special Municipality of Sint Eustatius) Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012 For the time from the 1st of May to the 21st of May 2012, Aardwerk offers an international PDC course in a remote place, so that participants are able to see their environment in a new way. Instead of offering ready-made solutions, the course… Continue reading Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012