Arts and Culture in Paris during the COP21

Alongside the 21st UN Climate Conference, COP21, in Paris, several programs involving the arts and culture are going on now. See for example (not an exhaustive list):

  • ARTCOP21: a program of events, artistic interventions, conferences, etc. See
  • As part of ARTCOP21, will also take place a “Professional Workshop” with 150 invited participants from the cultural sector worldwide (including many cultural public administrations and arts organizations) who will work towards a pledge. Sacha Kagan of Cultura21 will be the General Rapporteur of the Professional Workshop. See this webpage
  • Despite the ‘State of Emergency’ in France (which, strangely, affects political events but not sports or apolitical arts events…), artivists are organizing the “Climate Games” in Paris and worldwide, labeled as  “The world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game”. See


As you probably noticed, the Cultura21 website is currently posting mush less often than it used to. This will remain so until we gather enough volunteering time again to return to more regular postings…