Sustainable Build Weeks

Learn techniques to help you create your own sustainable building 9th – 13th February, 2nd – 6th March, 7th – 10th April 2015 In additional to the ongoing construction of our beautiful new Linhay, the Land Based Learning Centre, there are a number of other exciting building projects taking shape or about to get underway… Continue reading Sustainable Build Weeks

Workshop – Slow Wing

 August 17th & 18th 2013, Slow Wing, Australia The Dark Mountain Project  in collaboration with Latorica presents Slow Wing, a weekend of storytelling from the deep. Slow Wing is being held in Byron Bay Australia, as a satellite workshop of the Uncivilisation Festival, happening on the same weekend  in the UK. Led by transdisciplinary artists Ilka Blue & Cherise… Continue reading Workshop – Slow Wing

Merz DIY 13 summer school

 21st July – 4th August 2013, at Cylinders Estate, Elterwater, Cumbria (UK) Merz DIY is a residential summer school for artists and an experimental space for interdisciplinary practices as part of a temporary creative community. This year the working title is Thinkers Builders Dwellers. Inspired by a presentation from DIY 12 guest speaker Tordis Berstrand, Merz… Continue reading Merz DIY 13 summer school

Spinterfields : Biochymickal Arts

September 13, 2013, Splinterfields Workshops, Brussels Splinterfields is an initiative of several Brussels-based organisations (Constant, FoAM, nadine and OKNO) active in the fields of ecological, technological and media arts to foster collaborative, agile and flexible learning. The programme of workshops, study groups and field-tests is open to artists, designers, technologists and other generalists curious to explore… Continue reading Spinterfields : Biochymickal Arts

Making Sense : Fifth Annual Colloquium

July 12, 2013, ‘The Six Senses of Art’, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York “Making Sense” is a collective of artists and thinkers who assemble to create a vital, international forum that crosses between modes of thinking and doing. The project engages both the senses and the intellect and embraces a range of different perspectives and… Continue reading Making Sense : Fifth Annual Colloquium

How can we continue to put food on our tables?

The Biospheric Project, Urban farm, laboratory, research centre, Manchester International Festival, UK 4 – 21 July 2013, This summer, MIF and the Biospheric Foundation will be opening the doors to The Biospheric Project for the first time to share the transformation of a post industrial building into a thriving, green growing space and offer a… Continue reading How can we continue to put food on our tables?

Imagining Natural Scotland’s projects

June 22, 2013 Imagining Natural Scotland is a major new interdisciplinary project for the Year of Natural Scotland 2013. Initiated by Creative Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the University of St Andrews, it will explore the interplay between the natural world and its representation, and promote deep collaboration and knowledge exchange between the creative and… Continue reading Imagining Natural Scotland’s projects

Workshop at King’s College

Representing uncertainty, July 2nd 2013, London, UK   TippingPoint, in partnership with the King’s Cultural Institute, is going to be holding a series of workshops that brings together academics from King’s College London with artists and other interested parties in the wider community. The aim is to explore particular subjects in depth, subjects which are… Continue reading Workshop at King’s College

More for Less – Design in an Age of Austerity

June 21st, deadline for sending papers! The Cumulus Dublin Conference 2013 proposes, in the deepest recession since the great depression of the1930s to turn the modernist mantra ‘less is more’ on its head as the reduced budgets of governments, business and people demand ‘more for less’, and develop a ‘New Deal’ for design.Vibrant economies are… Continue reading More for Less – Design in an Age of Austerity

Dance, Touch and everything else

June 21st – 23rd 2013 in Barcelona – Natural Circus Lab “The increasing desolation of nature, the exhaustion of resources, the uneasiness and disintegration of the human spirit, all have been brought about by humanity’s trying to accomplish something. Originally there was no reason to progress, and nothing that had to be done. They  have… Continue reading Dance, Touch and everything else