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Green Culture Conference


The Green Culture Conference is one of the groundbreaking events in Southeast Europe to address the role the Creative Industries play in environmental sustainability.


Those working in the Arts & Culture have always been social leaders. Without them, some of the greatest achievements, discoveries and historical moments would not have been possible. Artists and cultural workers are some of the most influential and strongest catalysts of change, and when it comes to sustainability, their presence is pivotal. This hands-on and interactive conference will bring to light the latest achievements and developments in sustainability within the Creative Industries. You will learn what your regional and international colleagues have been up to, share your own innovative ideas and projects, and gain a better understanding of what sustainability means in SEE. Through knowledge exchange, brainstorming, and workshops, you will set the sustainability agenda for the region.

Efforts to progress sustainability most definitely include sustainable building and architecture. Sustainable living is directly connected to sustainable building, which is especially pressing for this part of the vulnerable Adriatic coastline due to the high volume of developments over the past 20 years. Therefore, the conference will feature a special segment on Green Building.

Montenegro’s town of Tivat will be the host for this year’s conference.


  • By participating in three days of insightful presentations, stimulating discussions, and inspiring workshops, with a fabulous line-up of evening entertainment.
  • By sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and acquiring tools on how to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday work and living.
  • By getting the latest industry news from around the globe from regional and international experts and talking with them face-to-face to widen professional creative networks.
  • By stimulating action and creating specific tasks to set concrete goals and milestones for future progress.

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beyond earth art: contemporary artists and the environment

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University

January 25–June 8, 2014

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University presents beyond earth art: contemporary artists and the environment, on view now through June 8, comprising separate installations and exhibitions throughout the museum. The project was curated by Andrea Inselmann, curator of modern and contemporary art & photography at the Johnson Museum.

Artist talks and symposium: April 10–11

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Hours: Tuesdays–Sundays 10am–5pm

On Thursday, April 10 at 5:15pm in Milstein Hall Auditorium, Maya Lin will discuss her work, including her recent sculptures and the installation Empty Room, on view in beyond earth artLucy Orta will give a gallery talk during the subsequent reception at the Johnson, from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

On Friday, April 11, the Johnson will host a daylong beyond earth art symposium funded by Cornell’s Atkinson Forum in American Studies Program, with presentations by Suzaan Boettger, art historian/critic;William L. Fox, director of the Center for Art + Environment, Nevada Museum of Art; Amy Lipton, co-director of ecoartspace; and artists Christian Houge and Lucy Orta. Registration is free but seating is limited; email (eas8 [at] cornell [dot] edu) or call +1 607 254 4642 to reserve a space by April 4.

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Mel Chin at New Orleans Museum of Art

Mel Chin: Rematch
February 21–May 25, 2014

Bild 4

The most expansive presentation of conceptual artist Mel Chin’s work to date, Mel Chin: Rematch, organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art, features the artist’s sculptures, video, drawings, paintings, land, and performance art, as well as rarely seen materials from the last four decades. The exhibition explores the themes that connect Chin’s diverse artistic practice, including violence, alchemy, memory, and empathy, and for the first time contextualizes his major site-specific installations within his broader oeuvre. On view from February 21 to May 25, Mel Chin: Rematch emphasizes Chin’s artistic process and conceptual approach and reveals how his engagement with social justice and community collaborations manifest in a complex and highly varied body of work.

The objects in the exhibition will be presented around thematic strands that underscore Chin’s broad range of subject matter, materials, and formal approaches. The exhibition includes major installations such as Operation of the Sun though the Cult of the Hand, 1987, which features a variety of materials through which Chin explored the origins of Eastern and Western alchemy; as well as the more recent installation: The Funk & Wag from A to Z, 2012, a surrealist large-scale arrangement of 524 collages culled from the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia. The exhibition also includes documentation of his major land-based projects, from early works such as The Earthworks: See/Saw, 1976, to later ecological, science-based projects like Revival Field, begun in 1990. For this exhibition Chin will also create a new work, a 2013 conceptual diorama for Revival Field, an updated take on this artwork which played a seminal role in promoting the field of phytoremediation, or the use of plants in treating toxic soil.

His recent venture Operation Paydirt, which was conceived from his 2008 research in New Orleans, is an interdisciplinary project that is continuing to generate thousands of children’s drawings in an effort to garner funding and support for the development of an effective nation-wide method for the prevention of childhood lead poisoning. The project has led to collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency, and a major grant in 2011 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to scientists who are testing soil remediation methods in New Orleans.

Mel Chin: Rematch is organized by Miranda Lash, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art.
New Orleans Museum of Art
1 Collins Diboll Circle
New Orleans, LA 70124
Hours: Fridays, 10am–9pm; Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Thursdays 10am–6pm;
Saturdays–Sundays 11am–5pm

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Interactive Futures 2014: More-Than-Human Worlds, Compassionate Interactions and the Ethics of Aesthetics

Workshop: Apr 24 and 25, 2014
Exhibition: Apr 24 to May 8, 2014


Interactive Futures 2014: More-Than-Human Worlds, Compassionate Interactions and Ethics of Aesthetics combines interdisciplinary academic research with explorations in new media and interactive artistic practice to consider alternative conceptions of human relations with other animals and the environment. The inquiry calls upon methodologies within environmental studies, philosophy, Eastern beliefs, First Nations’ mythologies, critical animal, culture studies, and art practices using new technologies and interactive modes, to propose approaches towards improved human awareness about and relationships with more-than-human worlds.

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The Law of Seeds – Art by Beth Grossman

6:00pm – 8:00pm
at Brisbane City Hall

50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA 94005


Activist artist Beth Grossman is calling attention to the genetically engineered seeds that are having a huge impact on food sources worldwide. Brisbane, California has decided to act locally and think globally by adopting a BILL OF SEED RIGHTS Proclamation and to commemorate it with an art exhibit.

Bild 4

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Arts & Sustainability – Events in Singapore

(Click on ‘More’ and scroll down for ‘UNEARTHED’ exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum)

i Light Festival

7th – 30th of March 2014, 7:30pm – 11pm, Marina Bay Waterfront, Free Admission


i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents. Themed Light+heART, the festival this year features 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world. The Marina Bay waterfront will be transformed into a magical space of light and colour for the public to celebrate both public spaces and creativity. Continue reading


(An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Beyond Fiction

The first issue of the ArtLeaks Gazette was aimed at bringing critical awareness of the challenges and obstacles of the contemporary art system. While they considered this a necessary initial step in enacting meaningful transformations of this system, ArtLeaks now feels the need to move beyond exposure and breaking the silence into ways of engagement, or what does it mean to be agents of change in the art world today?


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Taipei Biennial 2014

The French art critic/curator Nicolas Bourriaud (b. 1965) has been selected as the curator of the Taipei Biennial 2014. Titled The Great Acceleration, it will develop his curatorial concept for the biennial around the topic Art and Its New Ecosystem: A Global Set of Relations.

Since 1998, the Taipei Biennial has launched its international programming in the city by inviting guest curators to contribute to an enriched environment, cross-cultural practices, and to showcase disciplines and new practices of art today. But the Taipei Biennial also endeavours to address social and historical issues concerning the city (Taipei) as a place, not merely a venue, by mixing artists and elements of the city.

In this light, Nicolas Bourriaud will expand on his theory of relational aesthetics, examining how contemporary art expresses this new contract among human beings, animals, plants, machines, products and objects. The exhibition will highlight the way artists focus on links, chainings, connections and mutations, and how they envision planet Earth as a huge network, where new states of matter and new forms of relations appear, forming a new state of the “ghost dance” between people and objects that Karl Marx has described in the 19th century.

The Taipei Biennial 2014 will be held at Taipei Fine Arts Museum from 13 September 2014 through 4 January 2015.

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PhD research programme in the Arts and Humanities

The Neue Galerie Luzern–Swiss Academic Association (NGL–SAA) together with the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK, has created a new PhD program.


Embedded in the quality of the educational work achieved by the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, and the objective to promote knowledge of and deep engagement with all aspects of the arts, society and culture, the PhD program attracts scholars from these different fields of cultural practice:

–Curators, art educators, artists, scientists, cultural activists, cultural intermediaries, change agents, designers, and policy-makers in an international context
–Cultural workers who work as academic experts in science and governance, and related areas of philosophy, sociology, geography, cartography, policy analysis and law, as well as stakeholders from the public cultural sector or art and media institutions
–Artists and mediators who are directly involved in composing, designing, imagining, interpreting, or manipulating signs and symbols in order to create music, television programmes, films, art, clothing, graphic designs, images, and other forms of texts
–Researchers in the arts and social sciences, cultural practitioners from public, profit-oriented or non-profit cultural institutions, networks, galleries, museums and theatres, the performing arts, architecture, and educational institutions
–Researchers who are interested in the production, spatialisation and dissemination of knowledge which includes ecological, ethical as well as practical philosophical approaches to the risks and opportunities that science and technology entail. Continue reading

Art and Biodiversity: Sustainable Art?

[plastik] 4

[Plastik Art & Science] # 4

Ed. Agnès Foiret, online since February 15 2014 :

The 4th issue of the partly bilingual (French-English) Art & Science Journal [Plastik], published by University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, is out. The five articles available in English are marked in red color below:

 Table of Contents :

- Art, culture et préservation de la biodiversité / Anne Teyssèdre
- Peut-on établir un lien entre l’évolution des concepts en écologie et les productions  artistiques et  culturelles d’aujourd’hui tournées vers l’idée de nature, d’environnement et de développement durable ?  / Corinne Matheron
- La Pratique de l’art écologique - The practice of ecological art /  Sacha Kagan
- Regards sur ces artistes bio contemporains / Loïc Fel et Joanne Clavel
- L’exposition comme biote / Bénédicte Ramade
- Art et environnement : prolonger la question de l’habiter / Nathalie Blanc et Emeline Eudes
- GR2013 / Cécile Bourne-Farrell
- Recyclages narratifs et autres désenclavements épistémologiques / Gentiane Bélanger
- Exsiccata ou la rhétorique de l’herbier
/ Eugénie Denarnaud
- Le vivant végétal à la mesure du temps / Elisabeth Amblard
- La Licorne de la liberté / Frédéric Triail
- Biodiversity in the Multifaceted Uncertainty of the Knowledge Economy: the case of ecoLAB / Lorena Lozano
- Sculpted by the Milieu – Frogs as Media
/ Jens Hauser
- Stratégies d’adaptation dans l’Anthropocène : une promenade et une carte / Karen O’Rourke
- Devenir et divertissement : fondements d’une métaphysique négative par l’usage de la cruauté. L’animal en jeu dans Ecce Homo / Chloé Royac et Renaud Subra (CRYS)
- Vile Bodies / Ronald Binnie
- Texte-miroir, vers son monde de vie ou l’hypothèse de la reine bleue / Benjamin Arnault
- An artist’s role in biodiversity loss: a case study /  Sara Gevurtz

Institut ACTE – CNRS UMR 8218
Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
47 rue des Bergers 75015 Paris – France
plastik [dot] art [dot] science [at] gmail [dot] com

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