The Yes Men: Out-Smarting Capitalism

3 July–30 November 2014 Museum Het Domein Kapittelstraat 6 Postbus 230 NL-6130 AE Sittard The Netherlands “Where criminals use identity theft to prey on the powerless and make money, we prey on the powerful and use their identities and position to get the word out about something that needs to be fixed.” The Yes Men… Continue reading The Yes Men: Out-Smarting Capitalism

Dialogue on Peace

June 22nd, in Rotterdam As part of the Grassroots Peacebuilding project, Formaat will organize the “Panel for Peace”, an interactive dialogue on the use of Participatory Drama for conflict transformation and peace building. The Panel for Peace will initiate and stimulate the dialogue on using wide ranging forms of interactive and participatory theatre for working… Continue reading Dialogue on Peace

CAL FESTIVAL – 20 + 21 June 2013, Utrecht, Holland

Utrecht (the Netherlands) Celebrates Peace with Community Arts – A two?day symposium at which Dutch artists join their colleagues from Afghanistan, Palestine, Guatemala, Peru, Rwanda, Serbia, Northern Ireland and elsewhere to explore what connects them. According to Eugene van Erven (University of Utrecht): “Probably the most complete gathering of artists working in war zones around… Continue reading CAL FESTIVAL – 20 + 21 June 2013, Utrecht, Holland

Mark Dion at Museum Het Domein

The Macabre Treasury January 20–May 5, 2013 – Museum Het Domein – Sittard, Netherlands “Increasingly, my work has become macabre and laced with dusky pessimism. Early on I believed that ecological calamity could be averted by awareness. If people knew about issues like the loss of biodiversity or global warming, they would act so as… Continue reading Mark Dion at Museum Het Domein

Open call – Museum of Arte Útil

The Museum of Arte Útil is a collaboration between the artist Tania Bruguera, the Queens Museum of Art, New York and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Museum of Arte Útil is the result of Tania Bruguera’s decade of research into a concept that emphasizes effectiveness and implementation over representation, looking at historical and… Continue reading Open call – Museum of Arte Útil

Eat your view – The Landscape of our food

An interesting research project, organized by the Diepenheim art society, is taking place throughout this year in Diepenheim, NL. Jeroen van Westen, visual artist and participant in this artistic study shortly describes it: Eat your view has its focus on how our food is related to our landscape. If food builds our body and mind,… Continue reading Eat your view – The Landscape of our food

Call for proposals: Kunstbroedplaats 2012 – DRIFT

Marknesse, the Netherlands May to December 2012 The former Hydrodynamic Laboratory Waterloopbos hosts in 2012 DRIFT, a contemporary visual art project dealing with transformation. It is the fourth art in nature project of Rerun Productions Foundation, that is a non-profit organization that puts its focus to cultural and social issues in publications and art projects.

Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012

Netherlands (Special Municipality of Sint Eustatius) Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012 For the time from the 1st of May to the 21st of May 2012, Aardwerk offers an international PDC course in a remote place, so that participants are able to see their environment in a new way. Instead of offering ready-made solutions, the course… Continue reading Aardwerk: PDC course in 2012

PICNIC Festival 2011

September 14th-16th, Amsterdam “PICNIC Festival is an annual three-day event that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology and business to explore new solutions in the spirit of co- creation. This year’s theme is Urban Futures, with a focus on sustainability, infrastructure, society, design and media. PICNIC Festival 2011 takes place from 14 to 16… Continue reading PICNIC Festival 2011