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The recently completed S.O.S. ACTION Guide is ready for download HERE!

This is the second in a series of ten Learning Guides produced by ecoartspace including replicable social practice public art works. Since 2009, Tattfoo Tan has developed S.O.S. to include participation in certification programs for composting, pruning, and community engagement, then expanded on his acquired knowledge to educate others through his mobile and urban garden projects to address food security and sustainability. 

The S.O.S. ACTION Guide was developed to accommodate a wide range of participants including nonprofit organizations, school groups, and individuals. It can easily be used for a weekend workshop, an entire semester, or annual project of self- exploration, certifications, and community projects. The guide is considered to be a reproducible tool for anyone interested in taking action addressing issues around sustainability. 

The guide is FREE, although they ask for your support and feedback as they continue to seek funding to complete the next eight guides including Katie Holten’s Tree Museum, Fallen Fruit’s public fruit mapping, and more! Please make a donation to ecoartspace HERE

Guide Authors:
Patricia Watts, Lead Author
Tattfoo Tan, S.O.S. Artist
Ian Garrett, Sustainability section
Chris Fremantle, Food Security section
Christopher Kennedy, Action Steps, Supplemental Activities and Core Standards Alignment

Special thanks to Melanie Franklin Cohen, Staten Island Arts
Supported in part by individual donors from the S.O.S. Indiegogo campaign

By Lena Felde

Lena is the Treasurer of Cultura21 Germany. She is studying Cultural Sciences (Mag. Art.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.