“GROW_ABILITY” Exhibition in Riga, Latvia

photo: Ansis Starks, Erik Sjödin

Until May 8th at RIXC Gallery

“Grow_Ability” is an interdisciplinary art e

xhibition that explores issues of “food as energy”. The exhibition features three installations. Super Meal by the Swedish artist Erik Sjödin draws attention to the aquatic plant Azolla – one of the worlds fastest growing plants, which is a rich source of nutrients, yet unexplored as food. Folk Pharmacy by several Latvian artists and culture researchers, is an artistic interpretation of the use of indoor and wild plants as food and folk medicine.

The project Talk to Me is the most recent project by RIXC – an online interface through which one can talk to plants via the Internet, examining the old assumption that plants which had been talked to grow better. Talk to plants here.

For more information visit: renewable.rixc.lv.