Clean air – It’s your move!

18th September, 2013, Sustainable 2Wheels, Brussels, Belgium European Mobility Week 2013 aims to clean up our air, and by doing so, create a healthier, happier Europe. The facts are clear – cleaner cities are healthier cities. .. This year’s European Mobility Week slogan, “Clean air – it’s your move!”, reflects the power that citizens have… Continue reading Clean air – It’s your move!

Spinterfields : Biochymickal Arts

September 13, 2013, Splinterfields Workshops, Brussels Splinterfields is an initiative of several Brussels-based organisations (Constant, FoAM, nadine and OKNO) active in the fields of ecological, technological and media arts to foster collaborative, agile and flexible learning. The programme of workshops, study groups and field-tests is open to artists, designers, technologists and other generalists curious to explore… Continue reading Spinterfields : Biochymickal Arts

Sideways – Moving On

Upon arrival after a four week journey, the Moving On symposium investigates wayfaring as an artistic and spatial practice. 14-15 September 2012 – De Lieteberg, Zuurbroekstraat 16, 3690 Zutendaal, Belgium Sideways is a translocal, experimental festival for contemporary art and cultural research, exploring non-motorized paths and trails folded into the spaces of everyday life. This… Continue reading Sideways – Moving On

Sideways : Artistic laboratory along slow paths

33 projects in open space, a journey of 334 kilometres, 16 walking days, 5 festival weekends, 2 symposia and 1 multimedia donkey! 17 August – 17 September 2012, Belgium Sideways is an itinerant festival for contemporary arts and cultural research. In times of acceleration and hypermobility, this nomadic initiative follows a web of slow paths.… Continue reading Sideways : Artistic laboratory along slow paths

Burning Ice #5 – We the Gardeners…

From June 5th to 9th 2012, the Kaaitheater is holding the fifth Burning Ice festival in Brussels (Belgium) This year the festival revolves around art and ecology and brings together performing artists, scientists and other experts. The programme comprises performances, exhibitions, inspiring study days and talks. The theme of Burning Ice#5 is ‘We Are the… Continue reading Burning Ice #5 – We the Gardeners…

Manifesta 9

Opening on June 2nd 2012 and running until September 30th 2012, Manifesta 9 takes place in the former coalmining complex of Waterschei in Genk, Limburg, Belgium.  Manifesta 9 is an assembly of artworks, testimonies, and participants inviting the viewer to rethink the role of culture in industrial and post-industrial societies. For its ninth edition, which… Continue reading Manifesta 9

Sheep on the move: A trek through Europe to highlight mobile herding

They are good-natured, produce tasty meat, and their wool gets turned into sweaters. Everyone knows so much about sheep. But few people know about the benefits that sheep provide through grazing. As they move from place to place, mobile flocks maintain the ecology, so conserving many threatened plants, animals and insects. The landscapes they create… Continue reading Sheep on the move: A trek through Europe to highlight mobile herding