The 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art

June 20 – 29 September 2013, Resilience, Organised by the Moderna galerija with Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova,Ljubljana,Slovenia In recent years the concept of resilience has grown out of the global trend of developing sustainability in the societies of the global North. In natural sciences or physics, a resilient body is described as flexible, durable,… Continue reading The 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art

15th International Festival Mladi levi

August 23 – September 2, 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia “This year’s festival programme is in tune with the times we live in, as it demonstrates a profound engagement and strong political agenda through the expressive manners of the artists who delve into the issues of blind consumerism, who speak up about energy consumption and chaos and,… Continue reading 15th International Festival Mladi levi

Urban Furrows

As part of Maribor 2012, European Capital of Culture, the “Urban Furrows” programme includes several projects such as “Sustainable Local Supply” (promoting short economic circuits between food production and consumption), a seed library for local plant species and the “Rhizome collective” aiming to empower immigrants and jobless workers, among other projects. Read more on… Continue reading Urban Furrows