Cologne – Tag des Guten Lebens “Day of the Good Life”

This Sunday, the streets of Cologne-Ehrenfeld will belong only to its residents. Without traffic and lots of free space for encounters and action. “Tell everyone, talk to your neighbours, this day will be what we make of it and if all of us participate!” There will be no cars in the district of Cologne-Ehrenfeld (cf.… Continue reading Cologne – Tag des Guten Lebens “Day of the Good Life”

Green Culture Conference

GREEN CULTURE CONFERENCE, 15-17 MAY, 2014, MONTENEGRO The Green Culture Conference is one of the groundbreaking events in Southeast Europe to address the role the Creative Industries play in environmental sustainability. Those working in the Arts & Culture have always been social leaders. Without them, some of the greatest achievements, discoveries and historical moments would… Continue reading Green Culture Conference

Artists, Art Communities and Creative Initiatives in the Urban Spaces of Russia and Europe

Open Interdisciplinary Seminar series “Scientific Environment”, 6th meeting of the 2013 spring session  May 14th 2013, Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University (Russia), ul. Smolnogo 1/3, entrance 9, room 229, 18:00 Speakers:  Sacha Kagan (Leuphana University Lueneburg, and Cultura21): “Creative cities and the challenge of sustainability” Nikita Basov and Anisya Khokhlova (St. Petersburg State University,… Continue reading Artists, Art Communities and Creative Initiatives in the Urban Spaces of Russia and Europe

Urban Furrows

As part of Maribor 2012, European Capital of Culture, the “Urban Furrows” programme includes several projects such as “Sustainable Local Supply” (promoting short economic circuits between food production and consumption), a seed library for local plant species and the “Rhizome collective” aiming to empower immigrants and jobless workers, among other projects. Read more on… Continue reading Urban Furrows

Call for Papers: Beyond the Creative City

Special Issue: Beyond the Creative City Portugal The “Cities, Cultures, and Architecture Research Group” of the Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra is going to publish a special journal issue called “Beyond the Creative City” in December 2012. Therefore it calls for papers on the topic of urban development and its effect on… Continue reading Call for Papers: Beyond the Creative City

‘Pool – Creative City Projects

What does “pool” in “Liverpool” stand for? It is the goal of ‘Pool to explore, reveal and celebrate the origins of the city of Liverpool and in so doing to contemplate and influence the city’s future. Through walks, picnics, celebrations, conferrings and positive documentation, ‘Pool works with communities in Liverpool to raise awareness about the ecology and social… Continue reading ‘Pool – Creative City Projects

Rethinking the Creative City

An article on the role of complexity, networks and interactions in the urban creative economy In this article, Dr. Roberta Comunian argues that complexity theory and its associated principles can provide a new understanding of the connection between the urban space and the systems of local cultural production and consumption. Drawing on interviews with creative… Continue reading Rethinking the Creative City

Culture and Sustainable Communities

NEW PUBLICATION: Special Double Issue of Culture and Local Governance on “Culture and Sustainable Communities” Vol. 3, No. 1-2 Guest editors: Nancy Duxbury, Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra, Portugal; M. Sharon Jeannotte, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa, Canada The wide-spread shift to a sustainability paradigm for city planning makes this… Continue reading Culture and Sustainable Communities