15th International Festival Mladi levi

August 23 – September 2, 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“This year’s festival programme is in tune with the times we live in, as it demonstrates a profound engagement and strong political agenda through the expressive manners of the artists who delve into the issues of blind consumerism, who speak up about energy consumption and chaos and, finally, who don’t shy away from staging direct democracy.”


Thursday, August 23rd
20.00 Opening of the festival
20.00 Kyohei Sakaguchi: Mobile House (Practice for a Revolution) (JP)
20:30 Aljoša Ternovšek, Sebastijan Horvat, Matjaž Latin, Andreja Kopa?: Was ist Maribor? (SI)

Friday, August 24th
16.00 Reverend Billy, public intervention (US)
19.30 Reverend Billy, sermon (US)
20.00 Camille Boitel: L’Immédiat (FR)

Saturday, August 25th
18.00 Patrícia Portela, Christoph De Boeck: Hortus, installation opening and a discussion (PT, BE)
20.00 Camille Boitel: L’Immédiat (FR)
21.30 Motus: Alexis. Una tragedia greca (IT)

Sunday, August 26th
18.00 Patrícia Portela, Christoph De Boeck: Hortus, discussion (PT, BE)
20.00 ColectivA: X mm din Y km (RO)
21.30 Stefan Kaegi: Ciudades Paralelas lecture (CH, DE)

Monday, August 27th
12.00 How to outsmart the crisis? mini conference
20.00 Patrícia Portela: The Private Collection of Acácio Nobre (PT)

Tuesday, August 28th
21.00 Pionir 10: concert (RS)

Wednesday, August 29th
11.00 A trip to the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Vitanje
19.00 Jolika Sudermann, Alma Söderberg: A talk (DE, SE)
21.00 De Utvalgte: Kunsten å bli tam (NO)

Thursday, August 30th
10.00 Opening of children’s playground in Tabor Park
19.00 Jolika Sudermann, Alma Söderberg: A talk (DE, SE)
21.00 De Utvalgte: Kunsten å bli tam (NO)

Friday, August 31st
18.30 Davis Freeman/Random Scream: Expanding Energy (BE, GB)

Saturday, September 1st
18.00 Societat Doctor Alonso/Tomàs Aragay: Introduction to Introduction, Work in progress (ES)
20.00 Roger Bernat/FFF: Pendiente de voto (ES)

Sunday, September 2nd
17.00 George Orwell, Andrej Rozman Roza: Živalska farma (SI)
20.00 Roger Bernat/FFF: Pendiente de voto (ES)

For more information, visit: http://www.bunker.si/eng/international-festival-mladi-levi-2012

By Sacha Kagan

Research Associate at the ISCO - Institute of Sociology and Cultural Organization (ISKO - Institut für Soziologie und Kulturorganisation), Leuphana University Lueneburg, Sacha Kagan founded the International level of Cultura21, Network for Cultures of Sustainability, as well as the International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation (ASSiST). The focus of his research and cultural work lies in the trans-disciplinary field of arts and (un-)sustainability. Doctor in Philosophy (Leuphana University Lueneburg) with a thesis on the subject of culture, the arts and sustainability under the perspective of complexity ; M.A. in Cultural Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam) ; and Graduate of Sciences Po Bordeaux (political sciences). For Cultura21, Sacha is also coordinating the eBooks series, the regular updates on our multi-lingual website, the English section of our webmagazine and the work of our Lueneburg-based interns.