SCANZ 2013: Wananga-Symposium

Developing the culture to create a sustainable civilization Feb 1st–3rd, 2013 – New Plymouth, New Zealand SCANZ (Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand) is New Zealand´s premier art, technology, culture and ecology event and involves a symposium, creative residency, and public events and exhibitions. Occurring biennially, it has typically involved a mix of Aotearoa New Zealand… Continue reading SCANZ 2013: Wananga-Symposium

No Longer the Miner´s Canary

We need to learn to adapt to the environmental crises we have created. Zoltán Grossman’s article No Longer the Miner’s Canary: Indigenous Nations’ Response to Climate Change published on argues that there are significant lessons to learn from indigenous peoples. These lessons focus on community building and sharing knowledge amongst communities, thus empowering people.… Continue reading No Longer the Miner´s Canary

Key Issues Guide on Indigenous knowledge and climate change

Indigenous communities have long been recognised as being particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to the close connection between their livelihoods, culture, spirituality and social systems and their environment. At the same time, however, this deep and long-established relationship with the natural environment affords many indigenous peoples with knowledge that they have… Continue reading Key Issues Guide on Indigenous knowledge and climate change