SCANZ 2013: Wananga-Symposium

Developing the culture to create a sustainable civilization Feb 1st–3rd, 2013 – New Plymouth, New Zealand SCANZ (Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand) is New Zealand´s premier art, technology, culture and ecology event and involves a symposium, creative residency, and public events and exhibitions. Occurring biennially, it has typically involved a mix of Aotearoa New Zealand… Continue reading SCANZ 2013: Wananga-Symposium

Energetics and Informatics: the 7th ADA Symposium

The 7th ADA Network Symposium examines the relationship between energy and information in media arts. We ask how sustainable is the technology that supports media art? What new forms of practice are developing at the intersection of energy conservation and production, technology, and art? And how can we balance a global arts practice with the… Continue reading Energetics and Informatics: the 7th ADA Symposium