Sustainable creative cities report is online

Please find below a weblink and direct link to a PDF file, released by the ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) about the publication, today, of the short report from a workshop on “sustainable creative cities” organized as part of the ASEF Conference alongside the 8th Asia-Europe Summit of Heads of States in early October. We are also preparing now a longer version of the report, which will be available online in early 2011.

The workshop report starts with the following text:

The participants of the “Sustainable Creative Cities” workshop reflected on the notion of ‘sustainable’ ‘creative cities’, the ‘arts’ and the ‘role of the arts’ in contemporary urban contexts across Asia and Europe, coming to the conclusion that a shift in policies is required, away from ‘creative class’ and global competition of so-called ‘creative cities’ and towards more ecological-social-cultural engagements and more genuinely participative urban developments.

Link to the ASEF news page

Direct link to the PDF file of the short workshop report

The workshop “Sustainable Creative Cities: the role of the arts in globalised urban contexts” was co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), the Institute of Cultural Theory, Research, and the Arts (ICRA, or IKKK in German) at the Leuphana University Lueneburg (Germany) and the Urban Research Plaza, Graduate School for Creative Cities, at Osaka City University (Japan), within the framework of the 4th Connecting Civil Societies Conference: Changing Challenges, New Ideas which took place on 1-3 October 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.

The workshop was preceded by a 2-3 months online exchange between the participants, opened in Brussels with an impulse presentation by Prof. Dr. Masayuki Sasaki, facilitated by Sacha Kagan, reported by Katelijn Verstraete, and followed by online exchanges (which are still under way) between the participants.