OPEN CALL: Koli Environmental Art Festival

International Environmental Art Exhibition, Slash and Burn Gallery

“Dear Artist,

We invite You to take part in an open call for the KOLI Environmental Art Festival’s summer 2015. All artists can send their application.

Application period 01.12.2014-31.01.2015.

KOLI Environmental Art Festival is an international environmental art project in North Karelia, Finland, and the project is taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village. Environmental Art and Community Based Art PYRY ry is in charge of planning and organizing the festival.

We are calling for proposals for environmental art for the festival summer 2015. In summer 2015 the artist will work in Koli between 01.06.-12.06. The opening ceremony for the Slash and Burn Gallery will be held in 13.06.2015. The Slash and Burn Gallery will be open for public between 01.07.-31.10.2015.

In the proposal the artist must take into consideration that we are working in a national park. The nature must not be harmed and the piece of art must be removable from nature after the exhibition. We work in the area of Koli village and Kasken kierros including paths and yards, the harbour and Ylä-Koli. The works are chosen by Environmental Art and Community Based Art PYRY ry  and they  are looked through together with the commissioners from Koli National Park and the Administration of Forests. PYRY ry will seek the permission for the art work from the Administration of Forests.

Familiarize yourself with the Koli National Park Instructions and Rules:

PYRY ry will pay for artists’ accommodation during the working period in Koli Ryynänen Granaries (cottages). Travelling expenses will be paid max. 300 euros/artist. Material costs as agreed upon.

The artist is responsible for making and setting up the environmental art piece and also takes care of the expenses of the art work. The environmental art pieces are not insured and PYRY ry is not responsible for the damage of the art work during the exhibition. The damages which can be repaired will be repaired but in other cases the art work will be removed. The artist must take responsibility for that the art work doesn’t pose a danger to the public during the process or the exhibition. PYRY ry will remove the art work from the nature after the exhibition time as agreed upon.

PYRY ry is in charge of the signboards for the art work and the art maps for the Slash and Burn Gallery. PYRY ry will also take care of  information and arrange the opening ceremony.

Application instruction:

You can apply by a letter of motivation which includes

  1. Artist statement (max A4-sheet)
  2. From 3 to 5 pictures of your earlier work and a list of the art work in the pictures. Or if the nature of your art requires additional form, links to videos, cd etc.
  3. Depiction of the art attended for Koli (max A4-sheet), sketches, pictures. The depiction also needs to include quotation for the art work.
  4. CV

Send your application by 31.01.2015, by email or letter (the stamp for the date will be accepted).”

The selected artists will be informed in person. (max 10 Mb)

Ympäristö- ja Yhteisötaide PYRY ry
Purokyläntie 15
81200 ENO


More information about the project :

By Lena Felde

Lena is the Treasurer of Cultura21 Germany. She is studying Cultural Sciences (Mag. Art.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.