Nigerian Activist Nnimo Bassey : Rio+20 Summit Will Not Get Us Out of Environmental Crisis

Nnimmo Bassey, executive director of Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria, chair of Friends of the Earth International is taking part in the Rio+20 Summit, and in a recent interview, he commented on the failure by the governments and policymakers on reaching the goals agreed in 1992.

He also mentioned the low ambitions and the lack of desire to commit and make changes that would not represent a benefit to their countries, as well as the fact that there´s already a draft agreement, which the presidents are constantly looking at, and that doesn´t contain the causes or proposals  to deal with the crises we´re facing nowadays.

You can read the transcript of the interview here.

By Luis Bravo

Luis Bravo is a Business Management student at Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, México. He was an exchange student at Leuphana Universität, doing a 3-months Internship at Cultura21 in the framework of the Leuphana Plus Program, and continues to collaborate with Cultura21.