2nd. Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro – June 28th to July 14th, 2012

The Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro is a global event with satellite festivals in other cities and countries. The Uranium Film Festival is a project of the Yellow Archives.

The goal of this Film Festival is to inform global societies about the nuclear fuel chain, the dangers of radioactivity, and the environmental and health risks of uranium exploration, mining, processing and also about nuclear waste. The festival stimulates the production of independent documentaries, movies and animated films about nuclear issues.

The Yellow Archives, the presenting organization of the Uranium Film Festival, is a cultural and educational organization and it is the first-ever film library in Brazil and Latin America dedicated to films about the whole nuclear fuel chain and radioactivity. The Yellow Archives hopes to increase public information about the nuclear power, about nuclear waste, uranium mining and radioactivity in general. Schools, universities, non-profit institutions will have access to the Yellow Archives. The films shall be used only for non-profit, educational and research purposes.

For more information about the Festival, the Films and schedules, please visit http://www.uraniofestival.org

By Luis Bravo

Luis Bravo is a Business Management student at Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, México. He was an exchange student at Leuphana Universität, doing a 3-months Internship at Cultura21 in the framework of the Leuphana Plus Program, and continues to collaborate with Cultura21.