Call for Papers: CONTEMP ART ’12


From the 11th to 14th of April 2012 the Contemporary Art Conference takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. It is open to the approaches of institutions and history of contemporary art as well as to styles generated by various international artists with different tendencies. Contemporary art has contrary characteristics and constantly renews itself and its environment whether from new materials or ways of communicating with the audience. It gets into the focus of criticism, too.
“Contemporary art, with all its wrapped dimensions, confronts us every day with new agenda and disputes.”
The Contemp Art ’12 tries to give answers to the questions that appear in the rise of the new millennium given this complex motion. Artists as well as institutions are welcomed to follow the call for papers. There are different suggestions on themes, a very interesting one for ecological art is the tendency of place, city and nature as well as material and environment.
The event will be arranged by the Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center.
The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 10 December 2011.

Enquiries: info [at] contempartconference [dot] org
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