Exhibition: “Spaghetti Junctions”

Reposted from www.sustainablepractice.org Exhibition until 29 May 2011 in London In 1979 former American President Jimmy Carter inaugurated a solar installation on the roof of the West Wing of the White House. This symbol of his pioneering energy policy was removed seven years later by the Ronald Regan administration. Through video, sculptural-recreation, text and archive material the artists… Continue reading Exhibition: “Spaghetti Junctions”

Living as Form – Public Talks in New York City

The public talks aim at furthering the discussions surrounding socially engaged practices. They are free and open to the public. All talks will be held from 6:30–8:00pm in the Rose Auditorium at 41 Cooper Square, New York City. The first talk “Considering Useful Art” will take place on May 18th 2011 with Claire Bishop, who is an Associate Professor… Continue reading Living as Form – Public Talks in New York City

News from the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

1. The magazine CSPA Quarterly explores sustainable arts practices in all genres (performance, visual art & installation, music, and film/video) and policy. It serves as a formal terrain for members of the network to discuss and evaluate diverse points of view, while celebrating innovations and sustainable movements. The fifth issue called for work related to… Continue reading News from the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Conference: “People and Nature in Mountains”

21st to 23rd September 2011, Trondheim, Norway Abstract submission deadline: 15th June. This conference will address how archaeology and cultural history can be integrated with long-term and contemporary ecology to understand landscape dynamics and underpin sustainable management and conservation of both cultural heritage and biodiversity in mountain environments. For more information visit: www.ntnu.no/vitenskapsmuseet/peopleandnature.

Call for Papers for the Graduate Conference “Landscapes and Mindscapes”

Submission deadline: 15th of June. Conference date: September 16th to 17th in Naples, Italy Graduate students, recent Ph.D.s, and junior scholars from different fields focusing on any cultural and literary tradition are encouraged to apply. Papers should investigate critical methodologies (geocriticism, ecocriticism, geopoetics, etc.) and different approaches to the relationship between word and space.

Rethinking the Creative City

An article on the role of complexity, networks and interactions in the urban creative economy In this article, Dr. Roberta Comunian argues that complexity theory and its associated principles can provide a new understanding of the connection between the urban space and the systems of local cultural production and consumption. Drawing on interviews with creative… Continue reading Rethinking the Creative City

Summer Residency Program: “Reconfiguring Site”

July 11 until August 19 in New York City by the School of Visual Arts The six-week summer program “Reconfiguring Sites: New Approaches to Public Art and Architecture” highlights different areas that are currently manifest in public art: such as social intervention, new media technologies, interdisciplinary collaborations with architecture, ecological and environmental interventions, and performance. Prominent… Continue reading Summer Residency Program: “Reconfiguring Site”

“Imperishable Water” and the Question of Development

Reposted from poieinkaiprattein.org Field workshop from 29th of May until 5th of June 2011 in Rhodes, Greece Departure: 29th of May 2011, 19.00 from the Port of Piraeus with the Blue Star Ferries. On the occasion of the World Environment Day, June 5th 2011, this field trip aims at combining artistic, philosophical and environmental approaches… Continue reading “Imperishable Water” and the Question of Development

Unconference: “Re-Rooting Digital Culture”

13th of May at the University of Westminster Over the last decade the awareness of anthropogenic climate change has emerged in parallel with global digital communication networks. By their very nature, the new tools, networks and behaviours of productivity, exchange and cooperation between humans and machines grow and develop at an accelerated rate. The transdisciplinary panel will… Continue reading Unconference: “Re-Rooting Digital Culture”

Symposium: “Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions”

Reposted from www.hotscienceglobalcitizens.net May 5th and 6th 2011 in Sydney This symposium presents the research findings of the Australian Research Council international Linkage project along with other leading research to develop new knowledge about what constitutes effective action around climate change, the critical roles that institutions can play, visions for the future of museums and science… Continue reading Symposium: “Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions”