Call for Papers for the Graduate Conference “Landscapes and Mindscapes”

Submission deadline: 15th of June. Conference date: September 16th to 17th in Naples, Italy

Graduate students, recent Ph.D.s, and junior scholars from different fields focusing on any cultural and literary tradition are encouraged to apply. Papers should investigate critical methodologies (geocriticism, ecocriticism, geopoetics, etc.) and different approaches to the relationship between word and space.

Potential topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Landscapes/Mindscapes: visual perspectives
  • Fictional geographies (secondary space, hyperspace, metaspace)
  • Textual spaces of the geographical projection (stations, roads, paths, waiting rooms, borders)
  • Possibilities and limits of literary discourse about the science of space
  • Transformations and new spatializations of place in myth
  • Topography, toponymy, cartography: the science of space in literary practice
  • Figures of space: heterotopias, tropologies, topoi
  • Mapping, shaping, creating and producing space
  • The disappearance, emptiness, or destruction of space

The goal of the conference “Landscapes and Mindscapes. Geo-oriented Approaches and Poetic of Space in a Comparative Perspective” is to foster debate on issues relating to geo-oriented critical approaches and literary investigations of space as a privileged field of interaction between literary criticism and the social sciences. Both have witnessed a growing interest in the definition of space and in its relationships with imagination, perception, literary history, fictionality, postmodernity as well as with geography, topography, cartography, geophilosophy and cultural politics. For more information read:

By Ronja Röckemann

Ronja Röckemann was the intern of Cultura21 from April to July 2011. She has a Bachelor degree in the field of Cultural Sciences and continues to study at Leuphana University in the Master program "Sustainability Sciences".