The 8th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR)

The 8th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research will take place in Hildesheim, Germany, from September 9th to 12th, and in Berlin, from September 12th to 13th, 2014.

ICCPR2014 aims to provide a space for exploring cultural policies, their meanings, roles and impact in an interdisciplinary and international environment. This exploration is not restricted to the contemporary period, or any geographical area. The conference assumes no fixed understanding of the concepts of culture or policy.

In Germany, where the ICCPR2014 takes place, cultural policy is most commonly understood as Gesellschaftspolitik, or ‘society policy‘. Whilst this will form one of the main themes of the conference, encompassing the broad field of culture and development and especially the relations of cultural policy, the arts and development processes in society, the ICCPR2014 will be welcoming papers from across the whole spectrum of cultural policy studies.

Call for Proposals
Proposals for panels (thematic sessions) and individual papers (paper sessions) on the study of cultural policy and the relationship between culture and politics broadly defined are invited. Proposals in the widest range of disciplines, provided they make an original academic contribution to the conference theme, are welcome and encouraged. Proposals based on research on cultural policy that is primarily ‘instrumental’ (such as market research) or on research designed for the purposes of advocating a preconceived institutional position will not be accepted. This does not exclude applied research of high academic quality.

Proposals are to be send to iccpr2014[at]

Submission deadline will be February 1st 2014.

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By Lena Felde

Lena is the Treasurer of Cultura21 Germany. She is studying Cultural Sciences (Mag. Art.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.