The Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

Fom September 2nd to 6th 2014, the 4th International Degrowth Conference will take place in Leipzig, Germany. Its aim is to seek for alternate models of society and economy, beyond a growth paradigm that leads from crisis to crisis.

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Many analyses from various scientific disciplines imply that a growth-based economic and social system cannot have a future: Despite a growing number of technological solutions for a “Green Growth”, global emissions and the consumption of resources are significantly on the rise. It is now high time to develop economic and social models that are independent of growth, and to uncover viable alternatives to the imminent imperative of growth.

Along with scientific exchange there will be ample space for open and activity-oriented formats, aiming to link different approaches and to convert them into reality.
In more than 50 scientific seminars, workshops, areas of practice and artistic contributions every day, alternatives to the economic growth paradigm and their possible realization will be explored, both theoretically and pratically. The conference will be a place to create new ideas, develop visions, show vital options of community and discuss them openly.

Call for Papers

The submission deadline for scientific core session papers, short papers and poster sessions has been extended to the 28th of February 2014. However, please submit your papers for special sessions until 31st of January 2014.

The Call for Papers is to be found here:

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Call for Participation

The deadlines of the Call for Participation have been extended. Please submit your contribution for seminars, workshops, fields of practice, artistic contributions etc. until February 28th 2014.

To submit a contribution, please use our web form:

Call for participation:
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The conference will consist of an opening night, three complete days and a closing morning session. The opening event will be open for the general public. Along with a final discussion, the closing event will include a festival. The conference unfolds in three steps which offer a common perspective and a general framework respectively to each full day:

> Wednesday, 03.09.2014: Facing the current crisis: critique & resistance.
> Thursday, 04.09.2014: Building alliances.
> Friday, 05.09.2014: Visions and strategies for transformation.



By Lena Felde

Lena is the Treasurer of Cultura21 Germany. She is studying Cultural Sciences (Mag. Art.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.