Agents of change and ecological citizenship

New summer school programme from 10 to 22 July 2011


Carrie Gibbons, Anschauung

This two weeks workshop:

  • provides an opportunity to explore the many different ways and  levels on which we can be or become better `agents of change´ and how we can  deepen our understanding of ecological citizenship
  • provides a form for exploring the importance of imagination in  transformative work
  • enables participants to  develop forms of creative cultural  action that relate directly to each of our own life-work  situations.

The workshop is embedded in the exploratory practices and research of the Social Sculpture Research Unit  and informed by its network of active members and associates. In this sense it also provides an introduction to social sculpture and its role in bringing about a viable word.

The programme is led by artist Shelley Sacks, head of the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University, and Dr. Hildegard Kurt from and. Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability in Berlin.

“Please enrol as soon as possible. Places are limited”, say the organizers of this event.

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