TRASH exhibition at the New Children’s Museum

How do we decide what is trash?
How does your trash impact the lives of others?
How can we imagine new possibilities, and a new future for our trash?

The current exhibition at the contemporary art center New Children’s Museum in San Diego, running from October 2012 for 2 years, aims to educate especially children and families about the issue and complexity of waste.

12 international artists, each with an individual approach and intention, engaged with the topic of trash, as material or topic, to explore issues ranging from the social and environmental impact of waste (The Institute for Figuring), the aesthetic appeal of the material (Mikey Eastman), and seeing and using trash as an inexpensive resource (Jason Rogenes).

After visiting the exhibition, families have the possibility to pledge to reduce their waste output on a small online platform attached to the exhibition website, empowering children and families to become change agents in their own households and communities.

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By Nikolai Huckle

Nikolai is a BA-student in Individual Studies at the Leuphana University Lueneburg. He did a five months internship at Cultura21 in the framework of the Leuphana PLUS program. Nikolai studiert das Studium Individuale an der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg und absolvierte im Rahmen des Leuphana Plus Programms ein fünfmonatiges Praktikum bei Cultura21.