Talk & Opening: In Context:Public.Art.Ecology – Food Edition – I

Friday, 13th April, 2012 – 6:00 pm onwards – New Delhi

Khoj Studios , S-17 Khirkee Extension

Works on view till 18th April, 2012  – 11:00 am – 7:00pm

In Context: Public.Art.Ecology, Food Edition I is an International Residency with art projects and interventions in public spaces exploring the intersection between art and ecology through the politics of food.

Can Art be Tasted? – A talk by Ryan Bromley
6:00 pm followed by the opening
This talk is a critical examination of issues surrounding the sense of taste and flavor in art, utilizing modernist cuisine and flavor chemistry as materials for artistic communication.


Julian Abraham, Indonesia
In Collaboration with Rabindra Patra, India
Mechanical installation involving an experiment in fermented alcohol production

Shweta Bhattad, India
Sculptural installation, video and performance

Alfonso Borragán, Spain
Fosfofagias: fluorescent beverage and food interfaces

Frame Works : Ruchika Negi & Amit Mahanti, India
Video installation

Andrea Caretto & Raffaella Spagna, Italy
Installation and interventions in public space

Critic-in-Residence: Ryan Bromley


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