Eco Values Art Exhibition at 2012 Eco Design Fair in Shanghai

The 2012 Shanghai Eco Design Fair will be held on April 14 from 10:00 to 17:00 at the Cool Docks, 515 Zhongshan South Road, Shanghai. An exterior plaza at the Cool Docks will be devoted to giving the public an opportunity to interact with representatives from Shanghai environmental organizations and NGOs and view an art exhibit created through collaboration with members of each organization.

“Learn, Grow, Explore” is an interactive exhibit that employs +/-100 symbols for “eco-values”, painted on on rice paper using Chinese ink by participants of separate workshops organized by ARTSpring and each NGO during February and March, 2012. During the workshops participants create a new ideograph, using ancient Chinese characters as a model, that expresses contemporary values respecting the environment.

The final installation is designed and constructed by Zhao Yunbo, a multi-media artist based in Shanghai. Visitors to the fair may experience the exhibit, interact with the various artists and print the designs of their choice on t-shirts and cloth bags purchased from the participating organizations.

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