Ecological Collapse: art, research, activism – how to shape alliances

Debate at Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway, Thursday September 25th 2014, 17:00

What role does art have in today’s communication of research? Concerned Artists Norway and think tank Tau invite to conversation and debate: Ecological collapse: Art, research and activism – how to create alliances? Scientists, artists and activists have in common to ask questions, to see new opportunities and to expand people’s perception. When nature and society face major crises as we do today – how can research and art work together to contribute to public education? Both activists and artists can often uses data and material from research in their expression.  The artists are perhaps those who go furthest in processing the research material through intuition, personal experiences, associations, fantasies and visions. Does a such as free use of research data challenges ethics and accountability? On the other hand, many scholars experience that a simplification and popularization dissolve the complex image of their research. The debate starts by challenging all the speakers with the kew word COLLAPSE.


Anna Blix, activist, biologist and advisor of the Cooperation Council for biodiversity. Hartvig C. Christie, research, marine biology, NIVA . Sacha Kagan, associate researcher, Leuphana University, Lueneburg, Institute for Sociology and cultural organization. Erland Kiøsterud, author. Johanna Zwaig, performance artist.

The event is a collaboration between the National Science Week, the think tank Tau and Concerned Artists Norway.


The Stenersen museum also shows until December 14th the exhibition “Through Nature – A Rough Guide”: museum webpage