As the new year begins, Cultura21’s website is getting a welcome upgrade, thanks to Roland Prüfer, webdesigner and member of the Board of “Cultura21 Institut” in Germany (the organization forming the backbone of Cultura21’s multilingual website). In addition to the new looks, the new features of the website include improved usability for mobile devices. We hope you’ll enjoy the redesigned website!

There may be a few glitches in the first weeks, as we migrate to this new website format. Please be patient. If you still notice some issues or bugs in February, you can then report them to us.

At this occasion, we are also resuming now a more regular posting of news, after four months of pause. (The intensity of our postings will be reduced, compared to the 2011-2013 period, because of the more limited human resources of our team of benevolent network  members at the moment.)