Festival “Über Lebenskunst”

Perspectives for a sustainable way of living – “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” and in the city of Berlin, 17th to 21st August, 2011. Once again, Berlin is going to be the host of a very interesting festival. “Über Lebenskunst” (German play on words: “about the art of living” or “The Art of Survival”) will… Continue reading Festival “Über Lebenskunst”

Violentine’s Day (what is the price of Love?)

Exhibition, public interventions, graffiti, interactive performances, documentary film screening, and public discussions Visit the project’s website: click here Objective The goal of “Violentine’s Day” is to raise awareness about how our everyday lifestyles are tied into the global economy. Using the means of art to investigate the reality behind Valentine’s Day, this project will make… Continue reading Violentine’s Day (what is the price of Love?)