The Ekotopfilm festival

International festival of Sustainable Development, Bratislava (Slovak Republic) 31 st July = deadline for film entries The 40th International Festival of Sustainable Development Films – ekotopfilm 2013 will be held in October 7-11th, 2013 in the capital city of Bratislava, Slovak Republic.The Ekotopfilm is a week-long festival providing the visitors with documentary films all over… Continue reading The Ekotopfilm festival

Art and Awareness – Uranium Film Festival in Berlin

After taking place twice in Brazil, the International Uranium Film Festival came to Berlin in October 2012. The highlight of the festival was the screening of four movies about the nuclear disaster of Goiânia, 1987, one of them Cesium 137: The Nightmare of Goiânia (1990), a movie by already deceased Roberto Pires which had already… Continue reading Art and Awareness – Uranium Film Festival in Berlin