Video Vortex #9 – Re:assemblies of Video

  Video Vortex #9, Re:assemblies of Video, is conceived and hosted by the Moving Image Lab and Post-Media Lab of the Innovation Incubator at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. The conference will be held from February 28 until March 2, 2013. The call for contribution is open until 31 August 2012. Online video vortices such as… Continue reading Video Vortex #9 – Re:assemblies of Video

Land Art Generator Initiative

Saturday 28th August 2012. Staten Island, NY. LAGI invites the general public to join them for an anonymous preview of the submissions to the 2012 LAGI NYC design competition for Freshkills Park. They will also be providing free copies of  the new version of A Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies, a book that details… Continue reading Land Art Generator Initiative


“ID”ographs is a drawing activity in which you create your own personally meaningful symbol. It is a publication of ARTSpring, a China-based curatorial hub that brings art practitioners together with organizations that are searching for new ways of carrying out their activities and connecting with people. IDographs was designed as part of an ongoing workshop… Continue reading “ID”ographs!

Out Now CSPA Q8: International Issue – The Sea is Rising

CSPA Quarterly #8 is now available for purchase through MagCloud. CSPA´s third international issue focuses on projects that call attention to topics that extend well beyond national borders. With a focus on interdependence, and an abundance of contributions about water, ice, and sea rise, this issue addresses the space between national borders- our oceans. Featuring… Continue reading Out Now CSPA Q8: International Issue – The Sea is Rising

Time of the Clock, Time of Encounter

The aim of the project is to change the way people think about temporality. The group believes that arts and humanities have particular forms of knowledge around temporality that are of potential use to communities. This project investigates the difference between the time of the clock and the lived time of experience. We live in… Continue reading Time of the Clock, Time of Encounter

Sustainia100 – 100 sustainable solutions

Sustainia is a consortium of partners representing civil society, businesses and experts. The concept of “Sustainia” is developed by the Scandinavian think tank Monday Morning in a collaborative effort with global companies and foundations. It is a concept for communicating a sustainable future based on concrete and tangible know-how and technologies – a global collaborative… Continue reading Sustainia100 – 100 sustainable solutions

Liberate Tate´s gift

Liberate Tate is a group of artists and activists who oppose to BP´s sponsorship of the Tate galleries, they believe that BP´s sponsorship is incompatible with the Tate´s ethical guidelines,because the corporation is engaged in socially and ecologically destructive activities. Last weekend, on July 7th, the group arrived at the Tate Museum with a new… Continue reading Liberate Tate´s gift

Sonidos de la Tierra – Community and social development through music

Sonidos de la Tierra (Sounds from the Earth) is a project for children and young, created by Luis Szarán,through the formation of music schools, musical groupings and cultural associations, it facilitates the shortcut to the musical education to more than 3.000 participants of scarce resources, in communities of the Paraguayan countryside. Sonidos de la Tierra,… Continue reading Sonidos de la Tierra – Community and social development through music

Bolivian Animated Film “Abuela Grillo” Highlights Water Issues

Abuela Grillo, an adorable – though equally tear-jerking – animated short-film, calls attention to Bolivia’s fraught history with water privatization. The film is a collaboration between Bolivian animators and the Animation Workshop of Denmark. The Abuela Grillo character is based on a myth from the Bolivian lowlands, but the film tells the story of a… Continue reading Bolivian Animated Film “Abuela Grillo” Highlights Water Issues