Kumasi Biennial Symposium: Community Arts in Focus

July 16th until August 6th 2011 in Ghana

The Curio Kiosks project of the first Kumasi Symposium was a successful attempt to bring international contemporary art to the general public in Sub-Sahara Africa, who might not normally come to art galleries and museums. How can the scope of this project be broadened? How can the rural sub-Saharan population be engaged in the contemporary artistic process? In light of these questions and social concerns, the 3-week event will focus on community arts practice.

Kumasi City’s rural sites (such as market places, local schools, village centers, and others as laboratories) will be used for workshops, artistic interventions, site-specific installations, lectures and other community-based approaches from around the world.

For more information read: www.sustainablepractice.org .

By Ronja Röckemann

Ronja Röckemann was the intern of Cultura21 from April to July 2011. She has a Bachelor degree in the field of Cultural Sciences and continues to study at Leuphana University in the Master program "Sustainability Sciences".