Karamoja Campaign Website

March 2008 to May 2009: Cultura21 international supported the Karamoja campaign with its wiki platform : Visit the Karamoja website

Supported by the European Commission, the Karamoja campaign was coordinated by the French non-government organization ACTED, in partnership with the Leuphana Universiteit Luneburg, Germany, and the Czech NGO People in Need.
It took place in six countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The objective was to create public awareness in Europe and advocate for a more sensible relation between Europe and developing countries for a sustainable development. The case of Karamoja introduced the European public to the complexity of development issues and to the interrelatedness of the different challenges facing populations in crisis regions in the context of globalization.

The Karamoja campaign advocated for improved development policies towards pastoralists populations in Eastern Africa, in particular in Karamoja, a region located Northeast of Uganda.  Visit the Karamoja website for further details and to access the many available background documents.