A New Social Action Holocaust Memorial Project

October 2013 – May 2014, The Vienna Project, Austria

The project is to be situated on the streets of Vienna and along the Danube Canal. Forging a dynamic relationship between different disciplines: art, video, typography, web design, street theater, sound art, history, archival research, and Holocaust education, The Vienna Project is envisioned as a “living” memorial based on a participatory model of engagement.

Developed through dialogue as a citizen-led initiative, The Vienna Project is a “process-based” expression of remembrance. The Vienna Project marks the 75th anniversary year of the Anschluss in 1938, when racial persecution officially began in Austria; it will conclude on V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day). The memorial project unfolds over the course of six months as a dynamic series of performative events, dedicated to stimulating fresh conversations in novel formats regarding the Holocaust and National Socialism.

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