WATERWASH and the Zen Art of Sustainability

Workshop with the New York artist Lillian Ball (in English)


March 1st 2015, from 2:30pm to around 6pm
Künstlerhaus Hannover, Maestrosaal, Sophienstraße 2, 30159 Hanover (Germany)

Participation is free of charge but only by pre-registration (limited to 26 persons) at  janika.millan@hannover–stadt.de

Organized by the Department of Cultural Organization at the Leuphana University Lueneburg, in collaboration with the Cultural Office of the City of Hanover

Workshop description by the artist:

„Working to have a positive effect as an environmental artist and activist, I have thought long and hard about potential ways to make an impact that encourages stakeholder action. How can appreciation of place engender public involvement? What kind of visual strategies reinforce the scientific and ethical values protecting natural spaces? The need for a sustainable approach to erosion control and revitalization of areas challenged by climate change is urgent in waterfront areas worldwide.

The WATERWASH® series is one effort to ask and answer these questions. Both of the completed WATERWASH projects merge public art, social practice, and storm water pollution remediation. This workshop will present recent work, screen Bronx River WATERWASH (a 50 minute documentary by Reorient Films) and discuss the options available to us all as citizens.

How can we possibly measure a place’s value to its inhabitants? What kind of place making experience or philosophy encourages people towards ecosystem protection? Landscape can activate the gap between form and function, inspiring opportunities for artists, scientists, and public officials to restore human as well as natural environments.”

“A garden is never finished” Shunryu Suzuki

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