Festival “Über Lebenskunst”

Perspectives for a sustainable way of living – “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” and in the city of Berlin, 17th to 21st August, 2011.

Once again, Berlin is going to be the host of a very interesting festival. “Über Lebenskunst” (German play on words: “about the art of living” or “The Art of Survival”) will attract people interested in culture, looking at things from the perspective of sustainability. Conferences, workshops, installations, performances, concerts, films, excursions, discussions and readings will make the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” an exciting place of diversity. The idea is to experience a sustainable lifestyle not as something boring and dull, but to look at sustainability from the art & culture perspective. Berlin is not only the host place but will be integrated in the form of talks with local politicians and a tour to innovative sustainable projects. For example, a fitness club which generates electricity and feeds it into the Berlin electricity net. If that doesn’t sound innovative, what does?

Needless to say, the project is trying to use “[…] the fewest possible resources, producing the least amount of emissions and remaining as climate neutral as possible.”

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