eBooklet on Walking for download in PDF format

Walking in life, art and science : a few examples (Sacha Kagan, Ed., 2010):  eBooklet in PDF format to download HERE

The booklet contains:
* an introductory article about the history and art history of walking in Europe
* an article introducing German “Promenadologie”
* an article about one postcolonial work of HMJokinen in Hamburg
* an article about a walking experiment/performance organized by one student at Sacha Kagan’s  seminar on walking at Leuphana University Lüneburg (Summer Semester 2010)

This eBooklet was released in preparation for the ASSiST 2010 Summer school:”Walking and Places: building transformations” organized by Cultura21 and partners on August 21-27 2010 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

See the ASSiST website for more details