ESA Arts Conference: Creativity, Support & Sustainability

The International Network of Cultura21 was launched at the occasion of the conference of the ESA Arts (the arts research network of the European Sociological Association) in Lueneburg and Hamburg (March 27 – April 1 st 2007): website of the conference. The initiative of the Network was presented to the many speakers and conference participants… Continue reading ESA Arts Conference: Creativity, Support & Sustainability

Kulturattac 2002-2004

Cultura21 bears roots in the experience of another German Network: Kulturattac. Kulturattac was the cultural network of the NGO Attac Germany between May 2003 and October 2004. 300 artists from different cultural sectors (literature, film, theatre…) wanted to support social and ecological goals and to raise awareness of the existential role of culture in society.… Continue reading Kulturattac 2002-2004