Women’s Studio Workshop

June 15th, 2013

Living off the Land, in New York

The project Living off the Land explores wild-growing edible plants and their potential to replace cultivated food plants. Local wild plants have a significantly higher nutritious value than their cultivated counterparts – and they don’t need to travel hundreds of miles to get to the stores where we usually buy our food. Sonja Hinrichsen is working on the process of creating a piece around one specific plant – garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) – which is considered an invasive species, as it was introduced to the American continent from Europe in the 1860s.

“I have been preparing various recipes from garlic mustard, and am in the process of creating a set of pottery and cushions specifically for a communal potluck art event dedicated to foods prepared from garlic mustard. The potluck will mark the end of my residency at WSW and will take place at the CHURCH art space in Stone Ridge, in New York.”

For more information : http://www.sonja-hinrichsen.com/