The resistance at Gezi Park

artists-in-resistanceJune 3th, 2013, ARTISTSINRESISTANCE, Istanbul (Turkey)

The initial protests in Istanbul at the end of May were led by environmentalists, opposing the replacement of Taksim Gezi Park with a reconstruction of the historic Taksim Military Barracks demolished in 1940.

One of their claim in the press statement released by the artists : “We are here because we have witnessed a peaceful crowd, gathered to protect Gezi Park, be suddenly and disproportionately attacked without warning.” The common aim of those who participate in these peaceful actions is to claim their right to a life of freedom, and the right to contribute to the decisions about the place they live in, their own city and natural environment. These actions symbolize an awakening of consciousness in Turkey, and worldwide, against a regime of oppression which increases its authoritarian presence every day. In the movement initiated by the Gezi Park Resistance,  artists and writers of the country, condemn acts of censorship and the disregard of the principles of neutral and objective journalism by all mainstream television channels.

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