Portrait project: This Earth in my Bones

This Earth in my Bones is a collection of 25 individual portraits by Canadian eco-artist Jeane Fabb.
In 2009 and 2010 she interviewed and photographed different women throughout the Laurentian region of Québec to explore  women´s connection with the natural environment.

From the website:

The overall project (exhibitions, conferences, web site) aims to make visible, and to honour, the diversity and vibrancy of women’s involvement in the cultural narrative of the Laurentians. It is a portrait series of people and territory that offers a perspective outside of the mainstream perception of “land” as an arena of male activity: i.e. hunters, fishermen, loggers, developers, adventurers, miners, forestry engineers, politicians etc. This earth in my bones portrays how various women see, understand, live, use, protect and respond to this region.