The Second International Bateson Symposium

 11-12 September 2013, Globalisation and the roots of the ecological crisis, University of Oslo, Norway

Anthropologist, linguist and semiotician, Gregory Bateson’s work focused on behavioral sciences, he identified several roots of the ecological crisis. The most important was the relation between humans and their environment. The main idea of his work was that it’s impossible to unilaterally control the environment and strive for that control. Bateson’s alternative idea was to recognize how humans and the environment are mutually constituted and how our reality on a multitude of levels is relational and co-constitutive in a cybernetics system.

The second international symposium will present three of the world’s leading scientists that have pursued the groundbreaking ideas of the anthropologist and polymath Gregory Bateson (1904-1980). Invited commentators will contribute to the conversation by exploring the political implications of their ideas: Henrik Sinding-Larsen (University of Oslo), Laurence Habib (Oslo and Akershus University College, HiOA) and Karen O’Brien (University of Oslo). The conversations will be led by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Nora Bateson and Fred Steier.

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