Reflections on power and powerlessness

image_manager__c1_startbild_ohnmacht_690x640_eJune 13–August 4, 2013, POWERLESSNESS, A SITUATION. DEMOCRACIA, REVOLUTIE & POLIZEY, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany

POWERLESSNESS, A SITUATION is an experimental project consisting of two corresponding exhibitions, DEMOCRACIA and REVOLUTIE curated by Holger Kube Venturaas well as an accompanying discursive laboratory POLIZEY in cooperation with the Frankfurt University and Felix Trautmann.

A Spanish and a Romanian artist group (Democracia, Mona V?t?manu & Florin Tudor) respectively presents their work, and through their artistic experiments attempt to find a new way of dealing with current social conditions and problems as alternatives to the feeling of powerlessness. Economic crises, debt crises, floods of refugees, climate change, and terrorism. Every day the media reports on crises, catastrophes, and global hazards. Given such media-driven and real threat scenarios, there is a diminishing sense of trust in the capacity of governments to act. Political control mechanisms are apparently insufficient, and political alienation is growing. The powerlessness of a society can lead to dictatorships and wars. The question of exploring contemporary forms of Situationist experiments thus becomes a relevant issue for critical cultural projects. In the face of a superior power, how can powerlessness become a situation that reopens the game?

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