Conference: Environmental Utterance

September 1st – 2nd, 2012

On the 1st and 2nd of September 2012 the University College Falmouth inc. Darlington College of Arts invites to the conference Environmental Utterance.

Highly contextual practices are used in every academic disciplines, exploring ways of articulating specific environments, spaces or places.  This conference examines a specific problematic that attends the dissemination of this work: how to engage with ‘being there’ when ‘there’ is not here?
This conference offers a forum for academics and creative practitioners to come together and engage with articulations of mutual formation: to discuss work as environment.
The conference aims to examine these questions on a very practical level.

  • When it comes to considering environment, what is the relationship between the structures of dissemination and the environment our work seeks to convey?
  • What is the relationship between our academic environment and the work we (aim to) produce?
  • How do we utter our environment?

Poets and writers, artists, academics, social and environmental scientists, performers and musicians, among others are invited to discuss ways of uttering environment. Work that explores the phenomenological sense of speaking with environment is welcomed. The use of a diverse range of media as part of this dialogue is encouraged. Participants are invited to find new ways of expressing their research and/or artistic practice in a conference setting that reflects upon this process of adaptation as a process of practical enquiry.

Experiments with the ‘potential’ environment, using the space of the conference as an opportunity to learn from and with each other are encouraged. The structure of the conference is specifically designed to support such an exchange, as a plastic community of practice is supposed to be created over the course of the conference.

The environment that participants are able to explore in their presentations includes natural as well as social and logical as well as intuitive types. Furthermore they are free to focus only on the body or in a bigger framework on the conference as a whole. Above that it underlies the choice of the participants to explore the auditory or visual environment. The possibilities are not limited, for more ideas see the website.

Those interested in participating are invited to send a paper/performance summary to Camilla Nelson, Natalia Eernstman and Jeanie Sinclair at environmental [dot] utterance [at] gmail [dot] com
Application details can be found on the website of the conference.

Development of Live Exchange:

The organizers invite applicants to submit proposals to environmental [dot] utterance [at] gmail [dot] com detailing a process that will (effectively & inspiringly) collect, record and disseminate participants’ experiences during the conference. Media and methods might include (but are not limited to) technology, social media, interactive installations, mobile performance, poetic or artistic representations, etc.

The deadline for applications is the 31st of March 2012.

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