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The making of the film...

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The film directors...

Rather than the usual "director's portrait", we invite film festivals requesting pictures of the directors, to choose among the following pictures 'from the field' ...

The two directors taking a break

Steffen Keulig in action...

Steffen Keulig in action (2)...

Looking at some rushes in the evening (in Moroto)

Sacha Kagan, at ACTED's Amudat office

Steffen Keulig admiring the landscape

A bit of "mise en abîme": David Knaute (Executive Producer) taking a picture of Steffen Keulig filming the bull ceremony


In Sabina's resettlement camp...

Interviewing resettled women...

Following Sabina...


In Kampala...

Meeting with the Minister for Karamoja (group photo)

Filming Abura in Pasca's house

A chat before a take in 'Garden City'

Filming in the streets of Kampala


In Katakwi...

The tombs in Ngariam

The people of Ngariam


In Mbale...

Interviewing Karimojong street girls

Interviewing Karimojong street girls (2)


At the family of Pasca's near Moroto...


The drinking of sorghum beer


Filming the bull sacrifice...

The camera follows the warrior closely

Starting to cut the dead bull

Evisceration of the bull

Evisceration (2)

Drinking blood

Drinking blood (2)

Camera and smoke (cooking meat)

Following the women carrying their share of the food


And at other locations...

Filming at a cattle market

Filming at the Kenya-Uganda border

Filming from a plane