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Karamoja in focus


Karamoja is a semi-arid region of Northeast Uganda. It borders Kenya and Sudan, with Ethiopia nearby.
The region counts at least a million inhabitants, among which are the semi-pastoralist Karimojong and Pokot
tribes. While their traditional, semi-nomadic way of life is jeopardized, both tribes are also feared for
their armed cattle-raids. Karamoja is a region in crisis, plagued by small arms (AK-47), demographic explosion,
climate change, border conflicts and difficult development and sustainability issues. But Karamoja is more than the hotspot for a growing major crisis: Karamoja is a region where the complex issues of 'development' and 'sustainability'‘ unfold, in all their dimensions: ecological, historical, cultural, economic and political dimensions.


Specific themes

We identified five themes illustrating the variety of issues to be covered on the Karamoja: climate change;
pastoralism and its future; conflict and regional security; arms trafficking; traditional culture; humanitarian
aid and development.