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Film maker and cameraman

Steffen Keulig in action



Documentary film

Film makers Steffen Keulig and Sacha Kagan, with the support of ACTED, have produced an exclusive documentary film, shot in February 2008 across Uganda and Kenya.

The film was produced in May 2008 under the title: Land of Thorns: struggling for survival in Karamoja.

NEWS: The full version of the documentary film "Land of Thorns" is now available online as streaming video on this website! To watch the film: Click here

The film constitutes a unique information and advocacy tool for the campaign. It will be presented at public screenings as part of the campaign, showed at selected festivals and broadcasted on television channels across Europe.


To find the dates of screenings near your location, regularly look into the news section of this website...

Do you wish to organize a public non-profit screening of the documentary film in your city? Do you wish to broadcast the film? Do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with the film makers: Contact them as indicated on the right-hand side...